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Coming Soon: “Public Enemy” by W!ld Rice

April 7, 2015

PublicEnemy1Event: “Public Enemy” presented by W!ld Rice
Venue: Victoria Theatre
Run: 9th – 25th Apr 2015

Opens This Week!

W!ld Rice kicks off their “imagiNATION” season with a new production of “Public Enemy”, based on the well-known classic by Henrik Ibsen written over 130 years ago, also better known as “An Enemy of the People”.

The production is part of W!ld Rice’s year-long “imagiNATION” season, which marks the company’s 15th anniversary and coincides with Singapore’s own jubilee celebrations.

Official synopsis:

“What happens when you speak your mind and your entire community turns against you? Do you stand by what you believe is right? Or do you tell your colleagues, your family and your friends what they want to hear?

In a city that’s preparing to market itself as a world-class resort spa, Dr. Thomas Chee (Ivan Heng) discovers that the water supply is riddled with bacteria. He resolves to go public with the information. It’s a decision that pits him against his entire community. Overnight, he finds himself drowning in a storm of protests from the government, media, businesses, and even his family. Suddenly, Dr. Chee is the enemy of the people – the man who insists on telling truths that no one wants to hear.

One of the world’s most powerful classics, Public Enemy asks thought-provoking questions about democracy and the freedom of expression. What does it mean to hold firmly to an unpopular opinion in a world where it’s easier to conform? Can one man stand up to the tyranny of the majority? When does bravery become naivety?

Directed by Glen Goei, and featuring a sensational cast led by Ivan Heng, Public Enemy promises to be an exhilarating thrill ride, exploring politics, principles and power.

Don’t miss this theatrical event that launches W!LD RICE’s 15th Anniversary season. We look forward to welcoming you to the theatre and igniting your imagiNATION!”

Play Duration: Approx. 1hr 45mins
Ticket Purchase: SISTIC Link (here)
W!ld Rice Website:
W!ld Rice Facebook Page:

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