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Coming Soon: “Ragnarok” by Skinned Knee Productions

March 24, 2015

Ragnarok2Event: “Ragnarok” by Skinned Knee Productions
Venue: The Substation Theatre
Run: 15th -18th Apr 2015

“Ragnarok” is a challenging new work that aims to confront the darker aspects of human behaviour within the context of the gay community.

Using Norse mythology and the apocalyptic myth of Ragnarok as an allegorical device, the play revolves around a group of characters who frequent an archetypal gay & lesbian nightclub – Asgard, in which verbal and sexual violence are used as the weapons of romantic obsession.

Dan is an idealist, who dreams of romance with beautiful party boy Alan.

When Lachlan, a troubled figure from Dan’s past, returns into his life, Dan’s dream of happiness spirals irreversibly into a nightmare.

Assisted by the Icicles, two vicious club kids who delight in cruelty, Lachlan’s mounting obsession with Dan quickly becomes fatal.

Punctuated by the original compositions of Esther Low, “Ragnarok” serves to confront its audience with difficult questions about issues of identity, power and illness that have evolved within the global gay community.

Directed by Aole T. Miller, and starring Tan Shou Chen, Bright Ong, Rosemary McGowan, Esther Low, Mitchell Fang, Chanel Chan and Andrew Sutherland.

(Advisory: R18 – Strong sexual content, homosexual themes, strong language and implied drug use.)

Play Duration: 90 mins
Ticket Price: $35 (plus booking fee)
Ticket Purchase:
Skinned Knee Productions Website:
Skinned Knee Productions Facebook Page:

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