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Coming Soon: “iChestnuts 15”

December 31, 2011

Event: iChestnuts 15
Venue: Jubilee Hall @ Raffles Hotel
Run: 5th – 21st Jan 2012

It has been 16 months since their last show, but Singapore’s favourite live parody sketch show returns with a commemorative show to celebrate its 15th year in existence.

It is not a stretch to say that Jonathan Lim and gang’s “Chestnuts” franchise has grown for itself a cult following by now, and it is no wonder why.

This upcoming edition stars Jonathan Lim (who also writes and directs), Judee Tan, Rodney Oliveiro, Judy Ngo and Dwayne Lau, and topics include:

  • The Musical that never made it to MBS – The Wicked MerLion King
  • Ris Low’s personal assistant app SisRis (promoted by her sister Ivory Low Ai Kiu)
  • PondanNewsAsia’s latest gadget – the iPhone 4 Ass
  • Sneak previews of The Amy & Ah Mee Show – a political watchdog talkshow hosted by super censor Amy Chia and her new friend Yam
  • The new Stephen Sondheim musical commissioned by the Elections Department – Into the Booths

“iChestnuts 15” promises to be another night of insane and hilarious comedy.

Tickets can be purchased from SISTIC (here).

Be sure to get yours soon!

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