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Crazy Christmas 2011

December 27, 2011

Crazy Christmas this year kind of started on a more sombre note, even before it opened. First came news of RJ Rosales’ untimely death early in the month, who had totally mesmerised me in last year’s Crazy Christmas. This was followed shortly by the announcement of Emma Yong’s withdrawal from the show due to a relapse (with Denise Tan replacing her as one of the Dollies this time). So it was not without the heartfelt significance of what it truly meant to appreciate your loved ones, especially heightened during this season. Rest in peace RJ and get well soon Emma.

Personally, I felt that though not all the segments packed a good laugh for me, the sharing and support on stage were priceless as we saw the cast come together as friends to put up a good show for fans, friends, families and all who came. In retrospect, it was sweet as the cast reminisced of how they first knew each other and how far Crazy Christmas has come.

One of the highlights of the evening for me included the Dim Sum Dollies segments, with some witty writing. I especially liked the “Five Stars Arising” reference. Though it was a bit different without Emma, I think Denise Tan did quite well with her own style.

Then there was the return of the Bat Girl, Pam Oei, though she was genetically re-assigned as a bunny due to “hard times”. Ha! The Bat Girl segment was also one of the highlights for me last year, and Pam was pregnant then. She was funny as only Pam Oei could be funny and I can’t imagine anyone pulling it off but her.

My favourite segment would have to be “Broadway Beng : Pink Santa cum God of Wealth”. Not just because I’m a fan of Sebastian Tan, but it was by far the funniest segment for the night.

And Vocaluptuous’ guest reappearance this year added that a capella charm to the performance. I was very charmed by them last year too! And I think they’re really good. The special section by John Lee where he sang “There For You” (okay, I don’t really know the name of the song), a song written by Andrew, his brother, was one of the most touching moments for me. A very nice song, and really apt for the season.

And I also enjoyed “12 days of Christmas”, which was great fun, arranged by John for the main cast.

One point though was that Kumar’s segment didn’t really cut it for me. Maybe I’m a bit slow, but some of the jokes fell flat on me. Ah well, all in good cheer.

The show ended with songs dedicated to RJ Rosales and Emma Yong, which rounded up the whole performance on a note of love and care.

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