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“SABOsTAGE!” by We Colour People

November 5, 2011

Event: “SABOsTAGE!” by We Colour People
Venue: Play Den @ The Arts House
Run: 4th Nov – 6th Nov 2011

It’s been quite awhile since their last production “Awake With Nenek”, but We Colour People have come up with a gem of a new show, which is all about improvisational comedy theatre.

Honestly, this is the first time I’ve attended an improv theatre production, and I found it very enjoyable.

Ilkosa might be able to verify for you the fact that I had never ever laughed out so loudly in any theatre production as I did at “SABOsTAGE!” last night.

That’s what improv comedy might do to you provided it is well executed, and I dare say the cast of “SAGOsTAGE!” definitely measured up.

Those familiar with the popular TV show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” would probably know what to expect from “SABOsTAGE!”, as it features various improvisational comedy exercises such as coming up with situational ideas with a given set of strange-looking props, the 3-person stand-sit-lie scenario, taking random quotes out of a hat and immediately incorporating it in the scenario, etc.

Pretty much the same template, but with a more localised slant, of course.

Because improv theatre doesn’t have a playscript, it is essentially the performers that carry the entire show, and it is the calibre of the performers that makes or breaks the show.

Kudos to director Tian Lye for assembling a highly competent cast, of which I would have to single out Ross Nasir as being the one performer who truly made the show what it was, followed by Wayne Leong, who was extremely entertaining to watch as well.

Ross not only enacted her comedic roles brilliantly, she also exhibited to full effect her inate ability to think on her feet, which is the one trademark of an exceptional improv performer.

There were obviously segments which worked better than others, but that’s the way with improv comedy – there will always be hits and misses.

However, I was pleased that the 1-hour show was largely hilarious and very entertaining, and it helped that our audience last night was particularly spontaneous and creative as well, because a lot of the ideas for the skits were solicited impromptu from the audience.

If there was one thing that I would nitpick on, it would have to be the opening number which I thought sounded rather unpolished (for want of a better word), but that is just the nasty musical theatre critic in me speaking.

I appreciate the fact that they decided to throw in a Broadway-style opening number into the act, as it absolutely seemed like the right thing to do to kick things off, but perhaps the song could have been better written.

But that is about the only thing I shall criticise about the show.

I suppose improv theatre has its own niche place in any theatre scene, and it is refreshing to see We Colour People putting up one such production.

It truly stretches the minds and abilities of the performers, and it also allows for very intimate interaction between performers and audience members.

A truly liberating experience.

After all, as Tian Lye puts it, “improvisation should be a journey to set everyone’s imagination free”.

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  1. November 9, 2011 4:31 pm

    Sounds very interesting! I believe it must be very funny and entertaining too! =)

    Although I had missed this play, I don’t think I have experienced any performances like that before of what Jeremy had described! 😉

    Should have more creative play like that. Keep It Up! ^^V

  2. Mitty permalink
    November 11, 2011 1:08 am

    I went to see SABOsTAGE on the 6th. My own interest in theatre lies primarily in improv, and it was gratifying to find that a local group had actually taken the initiative to stage an improv show.
    I particularly liked that they approached improv in exactly the right spirit, with plenty of enthusiasm and energy and a no-holds-barred willingness to take on any and all suggestions in order to tell us new stories.
    Now, if only an improv school could be set up in Singapore…

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