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Now Showing: The Adventures of the Mad Chinaman – Encore! (an interview)

October 14, 2011

Event: “The Adventures of the Mad Chinaman – Encore!”  by Fantastic Entertainment
Venue: DBS Arts Centre – Home of SRT
Run: 13th Oct – 15 Oct 2011 (7.30pm on all nights)


Back by popular demand, Fantastic Entertainment is re-staging “The Adventures of the Mad Chinaman”, an auto-biographical concert by Dick Lee himself. Having both watched the 1st run of the show in May, we took the liberty to ask some questions to the the director, Jonathan Lim.


1) Will the re-staging of “Adventures I” be the exact same show we saw during the first run at the Esplanade Recital Studio in May, or will there be modifications made to this show?

The main reason we’re restaging is because of the overwhelming response to the May show. So many people (fans and first-timers included) wound up unable to get tickets, so we decided to share the show with Singapore again.

Also, we want more audiences to have the chance to see this show before the sequel comes along next year at the Esplanade Theatre. The next show will stand alone wonderfully too, of course – but for those who want to catch the complete Adventures, here’s your chance to catch up on Part One!

2) I noticed the re-staging of “Adventures I” is at the DBS Arts Centre. Is there a particular reason for the change in venue? Also, are there significant implications to the production because of this venue change? Any new challenges faced while adapting the show to the DBS Arts Centre?

Well, it’s a different living room. We are still recreating the cosy look and feel of Dick’s study/home, so the atmosphere will be maintained. In some ways, the cosiness is greater because of the structure and look of this theatre – it’s higher but everyone is closer together, and it’s all upholstered so the design is more intimate – like a boudoir! With the help of our wonderful sponsors Cellini, and lots more personal treasures from Dick’s home to dress the set with, its going to look amazing!

3) The sequel “Adventures II” opens at the Esplanade Theatre, which is a massive venue. Will this be a challenge for you, and if so, how? How do you intend to translate the small, cosy living room feel of Part I into the huge expanse of the Esplanade Theatre?

Oh the sequel will be a very different show, matching the whole new direction that Dick’s life took when he went to Japan and later, Hong Kong. It will also be designed to match the scale of his subsequent works – the Japan concerts, the huge musicals, etc. Next year’s show will be a celebration of the great achievements that came from the present show’s humble beginnings.

But, there will still be a touch of cosiness and intimacy to the sharing & storytelling, and that will be maintained by Dick, regardless of theatre size!

4) Can you tell us a little more about the sequel? Any pleasant surprises in store for audiences at the sequel?

The Singapore Chinese Orchestra will be providing the music, collaborating with Dick to create a very exciting new interpretation of many of Dick’s best-known later hits. Special guest stars from the pop and musical theatre scenes will also be joining Dick to celebrate his best works in those genres. Expect fabulous musical theatre sequences as well as explosive pop performances!


Tickets to the show ($68 (standard); $40 (limited concessions)) can be purchased via, here.

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