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The Hossan Leong Show (Triple Confirmed!)

September 21, 2011

Event: The Hossan Leong Show Episode 3
Venue: Drama Centre Theatre
Run: 8-25 Sep 2011
Writer: Benjamin “Mr Miyagi” Lee, Edmund Shern, Hirzi Zulkiflie
Director: George Chan
Cast: Hossan Leong, Chua Enlai, Judee Tan, Siti Khalijah, Shigeki Ito

It’s the 3rd time running and once again, Hossan Leong and gang did not fail to entertain. This year, we saw the addition of Siti Khalijah to the party, and she packs her own stash of humour to the audience. And it was great seeing our resident spinner Shigeki get up to more action on stage as well, distinctly as Master Iron Chef and the sweet chap of Lily Lim who played the violin while dancing with her (ah, I do have a soft spot for men who play the violin).

Having watched all 3 Hossan Leong Shows so far, it was only natural for me to start comparing. Personally, I felt last year‘s Hossan Leong Show was much funnier. Not that there weren’t funny parts this year. And there were many reviews of people who found it super hilarious.

The show started pronto with a walkabout among the audience by Chua Enlai, Judee Tan and Siti Khalijah disguised as the elderly. And with that, they introduced Hossan Leong who opened with his 1st stand-up solo for the night. Once again, a foreigners special came on, this time in the guise of the Iron Chef competition. I liked DJ Shigeki’s introductions in Japanese even though I couldn’t understand a single word he was saying. But that was the whole point right? I think this was one of the segments that Chua Enlai shone as well, amongst others.

In the paranormal segment, Judee Tan excelled once again as TCM, and beneath her “suaku“ness, she can ‘suan’ you very intelligently, like how she did Chua Enlai’s western doctor who didn’t know what hit him. Ha! And even though the “So You Think You Can Tahan” segment objective was probably to give away the bike, I liked how naturally Siti led us through it to make the “contestants” give up. And imagine the anticipation when they read out the row number in the lucky draw. My friends and I were in the same row as the winner! Haha! It was all in good fun. Anyway, if you get it, you get it lor. Never get, life goes on. One thing though, I didn’t think the TPL segment was extremely funny. Maybe it was overdone.

I know there have been many great reviews about Judee Tan and Chua Enlai being the highlights of the show. They were great, and I really enjoyed watching them. However, this time round, I actually liked Hossan Leong’s solo stand-ups more than the rest. I don’t know why, but maybe the election jokes have turned boring to me (heard too many times?) and maybe because Hossan’s segments seem to have that bit of sincerity in them.

Will there be a fourth?

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