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The Hossan Leong Show Episode 2

September 28, 2010

Director: George Chan
Written by:Ben ‘Mr Miyagi’ Lee
Cast: Hossan Leong, Judee Tan, Karen Tan, Chua En Lai, DJ Shigeki

This year’s outing was more enjoyable than last year, drawing more laughter than before. (I was a little disappointed with last year’s). With his witty speech, Hossan opened his talk show with just that, ‘talk’, which surprisingly, packed quite a lot of laughs, with his double meaning phrases and references to current affairs. Haha…there was 1 point he forgot his lines but it soon came back.

Not forgetting the immigrant/PR/citizen issues, the segment on Singapore Got Talent was pretty funny, roping in Judee Tan (a China girl who sells curry), Karen Tan (Malaysian SIA girl) and Chua Enlai (Bangladeshi builder), in addition to Hossan’s portrayal of a Filipino (who aspires to be a Maid Mentor). They had to justify why they should be able to be converted to citizens, which was quite funny (although I forgot most of it though). They all imitated the accents very well. The segment closed with a medley of “revised” National Day songs led by who else but (Filipino) Hossan which was well-executed.

The doctors call-in segment was hilarious, especially Judee Tan who plays a TCM doctor called Teochew Muoi (TCM TCM). Chua Enlai was the proud ang moh accent doctor. People with problems would call in (played by Hossan Leong mostly) and they gave their diagnosis and “cures”. Some problems addressed were fear of floods, casino related health problems, etc. Think this was one of the funniest segments.

Then of course, there’s Bibik Lily Lim, created last year in the 1st run. Cooking again, she prepares rojak for the audience to try and gave away a St Regis package. Wow!

And what’s a Hossan Leong show without him playing the piano? It was back to his teens as he tells of how “he wants to be just like Justin Bieber”.

Well, think the less funny segment was the “Taskforce” segment about finding mascots for Singapore.

Although it got a bit drawn out nearer the end, it was an entertaining venture. Freebies? No goodie bags this time round, but there was giving away of the St Regis package, pearlie white hamper and Hubert the hum (don’t exactly know what that’s about).

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