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Boeing Boeing

August 23, 2010

Event: Boeing Boeing
Venue: Drama Centre Theatre
Run: 4th Aug – 4th Sept 2010

Thankfully, I managed to squeeze some time from my reservist to go catch “Boeing Boeing” over the weekend.

As it is I had to give “December Rains” a miss due to my reservist and I wasn’t too pleased about that.

I didn’t intend to write a review on “Boeing Boeing”, but after reading this blogger’s interesting review (here), I decided to pen down some of my thoughts as well.

What I liked about Jean’s review was that it was quite contrary to what most of the other online reviews were saying, and it was truly a breath of fresh air.

Basically most of the reviews I’ve read thus far of this third Wild Rice iteration of “Boeing Boeing” said that it was hilarious, entertaining, the cast was superb, yada yada.

Even though I feel that Jean’s views might be a tad too critical, I do find myself agreeing with her on a number of fronts.

My friend whom I went to watch “Boeing Boeing” with was curious as to why I hardly broke out into laughter during the performance, despite the fact that the entire audience was laughing their guts out throughout the play.

I told him that it’s not that I didn’t find it funny, but I was taking in the play with a slightly more analytical mind, and thus wasn’t so predisposed to laughing at that time.

Honestly, even though I felt that the play was thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable, I wouldn’t say that it’s exactly my kind of thing.

It’s not the kind of humour that leaves me with a sense of warmth in my tummy after walking out of the theatre.

It’s farce at its finest.

Lots of fast-paced, visual humour that relies heavily on impeccable timing.

Visually, it’s quite a feast for the eyes, thanks to the beautiful set design, costumes, and actors.

One has to note, however, that a lot of the humour is generated via cultural caricatures, comical facial expressions and excellent comic timing.

I personally liked Wendy Kweh (“Jelly”) the most, as I thought she stole the show with her incredible stage presence and wonderful delivery.

And to be completely honest, for me she was the one saving grace of the show, if not for which I doubt I would have had many reasons to find the show both entertaining and enjoyable.

Don’t get me wrong though, I think the play itself is a fantastic creation.

It’s incredibly clever and well-conceived.

There’s a reason why it is the most widely-performed French play ever.

I have no doubt that most local audiences will find this third Wild Rice iteration of “Boeing Boeing” a hilarious experience.

When it’s Glen Goei and Wild Rice doing something like this, you can be sure you’ll get your money’s worth.

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