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Boeing Boeing

August 21, 2010

Caught this last week with my mum and we both enjoyed it.
It is a local adaptation of the French play and very local it was! (except for Adrian Pang’s accent…and maybe Daniel York’s)

It was hilarious and fast-moving, such that time flew by real fast. I was like, “it’s the interval already”? I shan’t go too much into the story, which was basically an architect’s 3-timing relationship with 3 air stewardesses, which of course, couldn’t be kept up for too long. I felt though, that the male lead seem more to be the character of Robert (Daniel York), who tries to “help” out with Bernard’s (Adrian Pang) mess, and eventually gets engaged to one of the stewardesses.

My favourite stewardess would have to be Miss Cathay Pacific/Jelly (Wendy Kweh) who really gave one the Hong Kong impression especially with the Cantonese accent. And she’s probably the most “woman” of the lot plus her strong character. Haha…the best part was when she remarks “qi sin“, the Cantonese term for “crazy”, after Robert finally manages to convince her not to enter the room where Junko (Emma Yong) was sleeping. I think Emma Yong is getting too typecast as the “sweet” thing though.

Another entertaining production by W!ld Rice.

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