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Hansen & Gretel

June 30, 2017


Event: “Hansel & Gretel”  presented by Players Theatre, as part of Gateway Theatre’s Opening Festival
Venue: Gateway Theatre
Run: 30 June – 2 July, 7 – 9 July 2017
Directed by: Carina Hales
Cast: Lian Sutton (Hansel), Carina Hales (Gretel), Kimberly Chan, James Shubert

Would you believe an ugly crow or a cutesy bunny? What about a talking gingerbread man who entices you to eat him? The house of candy in the middle of the forest?

Things do not always appear the way they seem to be

This was the message that reiterated through the play.

One of the main events for Gateway Theatre’s Opening Festival, this familiar Brothers Grimm tale of a pair of siblings who meets a children-eating candy house witch is not new to us. The Players Theatre had also staged this last year.

With a small cast of 4 pax, the actors switched around roles (except for Hansel & Gretel), playing the crow, the father, stepmother, bunnies, gingerbread man and of course the witch. Did I miss out any? Lian was convincing as the brash and silly brother, who does not see beyond what’s in front of him, often leading them into most of their tricky situation. In contrast, Carina endears us to her Gretel, the sensible and kind sister who garners the goodwill of Gingerbread Man, who was crucial in helping the siblings. Kimberley and James displayed versatility with their roles, especially when portraying the non-human characters with different voices, tones and accents. However, I did find their voices a little muffled when they were working the puppets, hence I could not really catch what they were saying at some points.

There was some audience participation when the siblings asked about the next steps they should take, but guess the audience were not as responsive in my crowd. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop the cast from delivering a good performance energetically.

With quick-changing sets and an animated cast, this family-friendly production proved to bring through the message that one should not always perceive things at face value. It applies to adults too, with the example of the father being hoodwinked by his 2nd wife. Good thing was all’s well that ends well and the father reunited with the children, and the woods was no longer a fearful place. Besides that, the kids still get to enjoy candylicious treats courtesy of G-man.


This show is part of Gateway Theatre’s Opening Festival, a new theatre in the heart of Bukit Merah. To find out more about the festival that runs from 7-9 July, check out

I also happened to have the privilege to watch the sand art performance of the story of Bukit Merah as part of the official opening ceremony. The story will be told in another manner in Attack of the Swordfish by Act 3 Theatrics.

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