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Coming Soon: “Super Happy Land” by Hatch x Gumbo

November 12, 2015


Event: “Super Happy Land” by Hatch Theatrics & Theatre Group Gumbo
Venue: Malay Heritage Centre
Run: 17th – 19th Dec 2015

Official Synopsis:

“Super Happy Land is the most exclusive location on Earth.

Only a lucky few will get to experience life there – but as everyone knows – you don’t choose Super Happy Land, Super Happy Land chooses you!

And so, five very special individuals from the world over have been handpicked to live there.

And just like the name suggests, everything there makes the inhabitants Super Happy!

They feast like kings –Super Happy Tummy!

They are showered with gifts – Super Happy Heart!

They are pampered like royalty – Super Happy Life!

They are the luckiest people on the planet.

But all good things must come to an end.

Or did it never even begin?”

This is Hatch Theatrics’s final production for the year 2015, and it will be an international collaboration with Theatre Group Gumbo from Osaka.

“Super Happy Land” will be directed by Kayo Tamura and written by Faizal Abdullah for Hatch Theatrics together with Theate Group Gumbo.

It will feature Ryo Nishihara, Hidefumi Oshiro, Kayo Tamura (Osaka, Japan), and Faizal Abdullah, Nur Khairiyah Bte Ramli, Farez Najid, StanxSoap (Singapore).

Be sure to visit Hatch’s crowdfunding page too!

Ticket Price: $25 (Standard) & $20 (Concession) for Regular Price; $20 (Standard) & $15 (Concession) for Early Bird till 1st December 2015
Ticket Purchase: Website Link (here) or email
Hatch Theatrics Crowdfunding Page:!crowdfunding/ny0jb
Hatch Theatrics Facebook Page:

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