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Coming Soon: “Normal” by Checkpoint Theatre

March 16, 2015

NormalCheckpoint1(Photo courtesy of Checkpoint Theatre. Photo credit: Checkpoint Theatre)

Event: “Normal” by Checkpoint Theatre
Venue: Drama Centre Black Box
Run: 9th – 19th Apr 2015

Official synopsis:

“Did you know that Mount Everest is littered with dead bodies? Apparently it’s too dangerous to move the bodies, even if they’re still breathing. They all died trying to reach the top. I don’t know if that was really their dream.”

Ashley and Daphne are Secondary 5 Normal Academic students struggling to cope with the expectations of their parents, the demands of society, and their own self-imposed standards. Can their new teacher, the idealistic Sarah Hew, find a way to help them?

The education system tries to build people up – but what happens when it breaks people down?

Sharply written and profoundly affecting, Normal explores the world of students who have fallen through the cracks. In this powerful new work, acclaimed playwright Faith Ng shows how tensions boil beneath even the most ‘normal’ of Singapore schools.

“Normal” is written by Faith Ng, and directed by Claire Wong.

Stars Oon Shu An, Noorlinah Mohamed, Zee Wong, Claire Chung, Audrey Teong, Lim Shi-An, and Karen Tan.

Play Duration: Approx. 90 mins
Ticket Purchase: SISTIC Link (here)
Checkpoint Theatre Facebook Page:
Checkpoint Theatre Website:

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