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Coming Soon: UN-Able

October 13, 2014


Event: “UN-Able” presented by 2Tango Dazzle
Venue: To be revealed
Run: 30th Oct – 2nd Nov 2014

“UN-Able” is an interactive horror play being put up just in time for Halloween.

Scream in fear with this blood curdling story of the wounded which returns to seek revenge as this horror story is brought to life in an gripping, shocking and innovative production directed by Sashirekka Rountan, one of the directors of 2Tango Dazzle.

The interactive play will be staged from 30th October to 2nd November at a secret premise that will be announced nearer to the opening date.

The production will be highlighting the beliefs of the supernatural and after-death phenomenon believed in the Asian culture.

The play will break the fourth wall, both physically and verbally to engage the audience.

The play will not be limited to a designated performing area as various scenes of the plot unfold in different locations of a dilapidated school building.

The performance will be presented amidst audience members, often engaging them actively as part of the play.

They will be involved in the act to facilitate the improvisational nature of the play.

In several instances, the audience might even play as characters in the story.

In addition, the audience will have a 5-dimensional experience through their senses; sight, sound, feel, taste and smell.

The play is written by Sashirekka Rountan and Gangka Periyasamy, and directed by Sashirekka Rountan.

Stars Glenn Cheow, Anita Porwal, Isaac Goh, Hector Jonges Tunon, Ginnie Goh and Sharon Phay.

Show Dates: 30th Oct – 2nd Nov 2014
Show Timings: 7pm – 12am
Ticket Prices: $25 for Adults, $20 for Students
Ticket Purchase:

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