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Coming Soon: Dear Nora

May 19, 2014


Event: “Dear Nora” presented by Our Company
Venue: Drama Centre Black Box
Run: 18th – 22nd June 2014

An Adaptation Of Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House”

Between her husband’s prestigious and well-paying new job, the imminent arrival of their first child, and a newly-renovated flat, Nora Huang has a lot to celebrate.

However, the young couple’s ostensible domestic bliss is interrupted by three inopportune characters who elbow their way into their lives: a long-lost but dear friend in need of help, a man to whom Nora owes an undisclosed debt, and a trusted family friend who nurses a deep secret of his own.

In the ensuing melee, Nora is forced to confront the reality of the life she has been living.

What follows is one of the most reverberating moments in theatre: Nora chooses to walk out of her sheltered, unhappy marriage, and slams the door behind her.

Dear Nora re-imagines the characters of Ibsen’s classic, “A Doll’s House”, and transposes the play’s action to contemporary Singapore, where the narrative and themes are presciently relevant and reflective of our society today.

Our Company was set up by four theatre-loving friends, Luke Kwek, Sophie Khoo, Chan Jun Kai and Rosemary Chan, who found each other over the years while participating in school shows, actor-training programmes and various theatre productions.

They all have day jobs outside of the theatre, but are nonetheless passionate and committed to the craft.

The company believes that there are many talented people in Singapore who would like to come together to create fantastic shows outside of office hours.

Play Duration: Approx. 90 mins (no intermission)
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