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Coming Soon: “Scroll” by Bound Theatre

February 21, 2014


Event: “Scroll” by Bound Theatre
Venue: Goodman Arts Centre Blackbox
Run: 28th Feb – 2nd Mar 2014

Bound Theatre, previously known as the inwardBOUND Youth Theatre Collective, was formed by nine individuals who wanted a place beyond their secondary school’s drama club to create, devise and produce original performances.

The group takes inspiration from the people and environment that they live in and melds them together with various forms and mediums of performance to strive to bring to their audiences thoughtful pieces of original work.

Their upcoming production is entitled “Scroll”, which plays at the Goodman Arts Centre Blackbox from 28th Feb onwards.

Official synopsis:

“Much unlike our parents and grandparents, we grow up flooded with information in our lives. We open a new tab, we scroll, we click on the links, we scroll, we change apps, we scroll and we scroll and we scroll…

‘Scroll’ is about us. It is about our grandparents who would creep up to each other’s mailbox to drop secret poems; our parents who would make dedications to each other over the airwaves; our peers who would change their status on Facebook from ‘Single’ to ‘In a relationship with (insert name)’ and about our sons and daughters who…well, we don’t know.”

The play is directed by Thomas Lim and Nur Khairina Khalid, and performers include James Chia, Nicole Lim, Nur Juliana Chan, Seet Yan Shan, Shane Sabatino Arriola, Tiffany Ann Dass, Wee Jia Yi and Wee Xuan Yi.

Show Dates & Times: 28th Feb – 2nd Mar (8pm)
Ticket Purchase:
Event Facebook Page:
Bound Theatre Facebook Page:

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