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Now Showing: Alfian Sa’at – In The Spotlight

July 13, 2013

InTheSpotlight1Event: “Alfian Sa’at – In The Spotlight” presented by W!ld Rice
Venue: LASALLE College of the Arts
Run: 3rd – 20th July 2013

W!ld Rice presents “Alfian Sa’at – In The Spotlight”, a festival dedicated to showcasing the brilliant, witty, heartfelt work of one of Singapore’s finest playwrights.

The aim of W!ld Rice’s “In The Spotlight” series is to provide audiences with a representative survey of a local playwright’s body of work.

More importantly, W!ld Rice hopes to examine how these works relate to one another and to today’s audiences.

This year, W!ld Rice will present three works by its award-winning Resident Playwright, Alfian Sa’at.

A highlight of the festival is the premiere of “Cook a Pot of Curry”, a brand new play that takes a hard look at the hot-button issue of migration and the effect of changing demographics on Singapore culture.

W!ld Rice will also be staging two exciting revivals of Alfian’s previous works – “Dreamplay: Asian Boys Vol. 1”, a touchstone in local queer theatre; and “The Optic Trilogy”, a meditation on love and loss that has made its way to Scandinavia and back.

Recognising that theatre does not begin and end with the rise and fall of the curtain, a series of exciting activities has been planned in and around the Festival.

These include a new version of Alfian’s smash-hit play “Cooling-Off Day”, performed free-of-charge, and workshops that will explore the styles, themes and inspirations running through Alfian’s works.

W!ld Rice invites you to join them in the theatre – to laugh, be moved, and reflect on the most urgent issues of the day.

Discover a nation’s soul and our universal humanity through the prism of Alfian’s insightful and impassioned writing.

Please check SISTIC for further ticketing details.

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