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Coming Soon: Love Love Remote Control

June 24, 2013

TheatreWorksLogo1Event: “Love Love Remote Control” presented by TheatreWorks/72-13
Venue: 72-13, Mohamed Sultan Road
Run: 28th June 2013

A Poetry About the Politics of Food

Official synopsis:
“Humanity is in a constant physical development through evolution. The imprinted memories of our bone structures reveal a lot about how we used to look. We are connected to other animals and our biological body are still evolving.

Our environment has always been providing us with food. Hence, the choices of food have become the building blocks which shaped our appearances today. Our ever-evolving surviving skills are physically changing us. They are always adapting to our environment and choices of nutrition.

Looking at the society’s eating habits today, it is becoming difficult to foresee our future. If there were any plans to counter such evolution, it must have become irrelevant by now.”

Written by Rudi Skotheim Jensen (Artist-In-Resident at TheatreWorks/72-13), and in collaboration with Indra Lorentsen, Andy Lim, Kate Pendry, Jade Francis Hai & Loan Ha.

Performed by Rudi Skotheim Jensen & Andy Lim.

Rudi Skotheim Jensen’s residency is part of TheatreWorks’ Residency Programme at its home, 72-13.

The residency programme, which is by invitation, supports both Singapore and international artists, where 72-13 fulfils a key role as a centre for process development, incubator and the nurturing of Singapore artists and their relationship to international artists.

This is the second time in four years, since 2009, that Rudi is at residence in TheatreWorks.

His earlier work that was developed at TheatreWorks/72-13 was “Goldfish is Meant For Dying” (2009).

“Love Love Remote Control” was started in 2011, in collaboration with technical designer Andy Lim based in Singapore.

The project is being developed through various residencies including here at 72-13 as well as in Subtopia, Fredrikstad County, and Xanti.

Show Date & Time: 28th June (8pm)
Tickets: By invitation only. To request for an invitation, please call TheatreWorks at 6737 7213 or email

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