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Coming Soon: Emo! Singapore

May 7, 2013

EmoSingapore1Event: “Emo! Singapore” by Playacting Productions
Venue: Marine Parade Theatrette
Run: 17th & 19th May 2013

Venting It Out Like Never Before!

“Emo! Singapore” starts with Shai Ming, an almost Oscar-nominated director returning to his home country Singapore, to look for a story for his next film. But when he meets his research team, he realizes the country is grappling with the recent Gallup poll that’s slotted Singapore as the least emotional country in the world. On his research team in Singapore are a blend of interesting characters: Funny Singh, Singapore’s famous stand-up comedian, Doc, the hyper counsellor grappling with her own OCD and Xin Yi, a tiger mum who’s very conscious of her child’s daily routine. Shai Ming helps them understand how Singapore is actually a great place to live in and how we’re possibly looking a gift horse in the mouth.

“Emo! Singapore” is a fun play by Playacting Productions that totally tears apart the recent polls about Singapore being the least emotional country in the world. It makes us Singaporeans take a long hard look at ourselves and makes us realize that there is so much to be proud of…and so much to be happy about!

Directed by award-winning director Sangeeta Nambiar, it is a must-watch musical starring Simon Wong, Sharul Channa, Shalakaa Ranadive and Maya Tsering Bhalla. Forming the perfect landscape of Singapore are 32 talented children who sing away the blues! Starring popular numbers reworked to suit the play, such as Good Morning Singapore, Be Prepared, Seize the Day, Positive & Coffee in a Cardboard Cup.

Show Dates & Times: 17th May (730pm) & 19th May (5pm and 730pm)
Ticket Price: S$30 (excluding booking fee)
Ticket Purchase: SISTIC Link (here)

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