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Coming Soon: “KUMAR: What Makes a Man a Man?” (R18)

March 4, 2013

Kumar2013(2)-1Event: “KUMAR: What Makes a Man a Man?” (R18) by Dream Academy Playhouse
Venue: Esplanade Theatre
Run: 27th – 31st March 2013

One of Singapore’s most beloved and daring comedians Kumar takes to what is probably our grandest theatre stage in the form of the Esplanade Theatre.

Lest you think that the Esplanade Theatre is too large a venue even for someone as wildly talented as Kumar to fill, ticket sales seem to suggest otherwise.

I just bought my tickets to this show today and boy have they been selling fast.

If you have any intention of catching this show I suggest you hurry on down to buy your tickets because at this rate they’d probably all be sold out pretty soon.

Official synopsis:
“Hot shot, macho, strong, burly, fierce, garang, solid, grunting, ball-scratching, hunter-gathering provider – of laughs! In a word: KUMAR! No one man in Singapore has had such a wide-reaching impact on our society. He’s blazed trails dressed as a female while never ever denying he is truly MALE. What makes a MAN a MAN? Only Kumar can answer that with wicked humour and side-splitting laughs. This is One Round of Stand up Comedy heaven you can’t afford to miss! Ding Ding!”

The show is directed by George Chan, and is written by Benjamin “Mr. Miyagi” Lee while Jasmine Teo serves as Assistant Writer.

Ticket Purchase: SISTIC Link (here)

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