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Coming Soon: “For Better Or For Worse” by Checkpoint Theatre

February 18, 2013

ForBetterOrForWorse1Event: “For Better or For Worse” by Checkpoint Theatre
Venue: Drama Centre Black Box
Run: 20th – 24th March 2013

Checkpoint Theatre productions are always eagerly anticipated by us, and this one is no exception.

“For Better or For Worse” is the company’s latest offering, and it is a play written by Faith Ng and directed by Claire Wong.

Faith is, of course, well-known for her nomination for Best Original Script for “wo(men)” at the 2011 Life! Theatre Awards.

In “For Better or For Worse”, Faith again captures a slice of Singaporean life in her inimitable style that is both crafted yet raw and authentic.

She has created utterly believable and thoroughly Singaporean characters who are complex, compelling and colourful.

The play traces the love-hate marriage of middle-aged couple Gerald (played by Julius Foo) and Swen (played by Jean Ng).

Set against the backdrop of everyday life in modern Singapore, the play is poignant and provocative at every turn.

“For Better or For Worse” makes you laugh, even as it tears apart notions of romantic love while compelling you to embrace the tedium and wonder, and the joys and pains, of marriage.

What is this thing called love?

Will “I do” lead to a dead end or a glorious future?

What does it take to keep a marriage going?

Be sure to go get your tickets soon!

Play Duration: 100 mins without intermission (NB: Post-show talks with the director and cast will be held after the matinee shows on Sat & Sun.)
Ticket Purchase: SISTIC Link (here)
Facebook Photo Contest: Link (here)
Checkpoint Theatre Facebook Page:

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