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Coming Soon: “9 Squares” (A Double Bill)

January 22, 2013

9Squares1Event: “9 Squares” – A Double Bill by Isaac Tan & Vishnucharan Naidu
Venue: Goodman Arts Centre Black Box
Run: 15th – 17th Feb 2013

Following the principle advice of Martha Graham – “Great dancers are not great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion” has led Isaac Tan, 16, and Vishnucharan Naidu, 17, to conceptualize, manage, produce and direct their own play independently, with just a simple goal to inspire and make the youth believe in themselves.

Their production entitled “9 Squares” is a double bill, and features two plays “Gin Nah” and “Navarasa”.

“Gin Nah” by Isaac Tan revolves around 9 Singapore students as they air their grievances on life in this country, while “Navarasa” by Vishnucharan Naidu follows the Hindu tradition of the 9 human expressions which are Strength, Compassion, Memory, Wonder, Anger, Fear, Disgust, Love and Peace.

This emotion-filled play discusses the struggles of a young man and his journey towards acceptance through the journey of his shoes as a child.

Play 1: “Gin Nah” (“Children” in hokkien)
(Written & directed by Isaac Tan)

Kids, when was the last time your parents asked you why you weren’t more like your classmates? Annoyed by how they expect you to be like others when in actual fact, they would be the least ideal students your parents wished you’d be? Finally they get to witness the true colors of the ‘perfect students’ as Isaac Tan features the irritating prefect who catches you for ankle socks, Simon Lee, along with the sporty but anorexic Jim Lim and many more characters your parents never thought existed. Catch Isaac in the most outrageous outfits as he shows the adults why normal is ok and why sometimes, being yourself is good enough.

Play 2: “Navarasa” (Nine emotions of a human body)
(Written & directed by Vishnucharan Naidu)

In the Breeze’s melody,
In the music created by raindrops,
Is there anything that gives utmost
Joy than silence?
Would melodies and words penned by
Poets be as meaningful as a
Drop of tear shed?
Let the man rise in the place
Where the child reaches out.
Let the shoe travel in a
place where there’s no journey.
Join Vishnu in a journey of acceptance and
be guided by the nine principle emotions of the human body.

Show Dates: 15th – 17th February 2013
Show Times: 7:30pm (15th February), 3:30pm & 7:30pm (16th & 17th February)
Ticket Prices: S$15 Per Ticket
Ticket Purchase: Call 90849318 or email with your Name, IC and the number of tickets required for your chosen show.
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