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Ilkosa’s “Buttons” 2012 Year in Review

December 26, 2012

It’s another year passed and it’s time for a recap. Based mainly on what I can remember of the year (I have poor memory!), but not without a few regretful moments.

My Favourites

1) Roots《根》
The Finger Players never fail to come up with something that I really enjoy and this was one of the best shows I caught this year. Loved the personal storytelling and great use of the chosen props by Oliver Chong.

2) 11•Kuo Pao Kun Devised, Again 再即兴郭宝崑
The directing and coordination for this was really amazing and I really regretted not being able to return on another night to take the 2nd route.

3) 宝岛一村 The Village
A re-staging following it’s earlier appearance at Huayi 2009, this 3-hour plus production was an enjoyable watch about community unity and family.

(hmm…seems like the Chinese plays are ruling my heart this year)

Best Arts Fest Catch
My best catch for this year was Lear Dreaming, which blended different cultural arts together perfectly.

Best Site-Specific Production
Have been experimenting with a few of such productions with, er…not so satisfactory results for some, like the disappointing Pandemic. But one that really had me craving for a second round was 11•Kuo Pao Kun Devised, Again 再即兴郭宝崑 which really baffled me on how 2 story trails were so seamlessly played out simultaneously.

The Longest Night
I really regretted catching Very Wagnerian Night when I could have caught some other SAF shows. Even though it did say “Wagner” which to me equates long duration (no offense to the composer, but not really my cup of tea), but still…What was I thinking?!

Best Tribute
Chong Tze Chien’s Rant & Rave was my fave out of the various tribute shows celebrating the 10th anniversary of Esplanade. Tze Chien never fails to deliver the unexpected.

Most Delectable
Enjoyed the refreshing taste of this year’s W!ld Rice pantomime, Hansel & Gretel along with the cravings it induced with all that kueh and cakes.

Most Appearances
We had Karen Tan last year (whom I think no one can beat yet), but this year we (or maybe just me) saw a lot more of Tan Shou Chen, even in a rare Mandarin outing in 《远角》Afar (which coincidentally had Karen Tan in it as well). My numbers may not be accurate though. Seems Seong Hui Xuan is also appearing much these days.

Special Mentions
1) Freud’s Last Session – an engaging debate, hypothetical as it was.
2) Swimming with Sharks – though dialogue-heavy, it kept audience rooted in its pace.
3) Tell Me When To Laugh and When To Cry 教我哭教我笑 – a challenging one-man show by Peter Sau.

Those that I regretted not watching
(mainly because tickets were gone by the time I got round to getting them)
1) The Book of the Living and Dying
2) 男男自语 (A Language of Their Own)
3) October

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