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Coming Soon: The Little Red Hen

December 17, 2012



Event: ‘The Little Red Hen’ by I Theatre
Run: 28 February to 16 March 2013
Venue: Drama Centre Theatre
Written & Directed by: Brian Seward
Music Composed & Arranged by: Bang Wenfu

A sell-out showing in 2007 and 2008, I Theatre is bringing back “The Little Red Hen” in 2013. This West End/Broadway family musical has been refreshed with all the fun of the original, but now with a new set and costumes, a more interactive style, and even more energy and colour. Meant to be both educational and fun, this old folk tale teaches a lesson in helpfulness where one might find no help when he/she is working hard on a project but has everyone wanting to enjoy the results after he/she successfully completes it!

One day Little Red Hen found some grains of wheat.
“Maybe I can make some bread from these,” she thought. “I wonder how?”
“I know, I will ask my friends; Mouse, Cat, and Goose!”
Then the Little Red Hen went to her three best friends and asked, “Will you help me?”
Find out exactly how helpful her friends Mouse, Cat, and Goose are; and what they learn too!
Little Red Hen learns how to grow and harvest corn; and discovers how bread is made.
On the way, her friends will learn some very valuable lessons about friendship.
Tickets on sale now at SISTIC, with early bird discount of 10% up to 24 January 2013.

Also, look out for I Theatre’s other productions in 2013:

The Enormous Turnip (ACE Festival 2013) – 21 May to 8 June 2013
The Magic Porridge Pot (ACE Festival 2013) – 20 May to 7 June 2013
Hey Little Mousedeer – 18 July to 7 August 2013
Grimm’s Fairy Tales – 1 to 17 November 2013

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