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Coming Soon: “Pantang: A Docu-Play”

October 1, 2012

Event: “Pantang: A Docu-Play” by Theatre Lab Productions
Venue: Goodman Arts Centre Black Box
Run: 25th – 28th Oct 2012

Halloween Fright Night!

Do you go home early during the seventh month to avoid bumping into…things?

Have you ever heard a voice in your ear and turned around to find there’s no one there?

Do you believe in the unseen?

Are you pantang?

This Halloween, Theatre Lab Productions brings you “Pantang” – a journey into the realm of spirits and other unseen things, based on first-hand accounts and interviews.

“Pantang” presents a collection of strange and spooky stories using narratives, shadow play, multimedia projections, puppetry and re-enactments.

But most of all, “Pantang” is about good old-fashioned storytelling.

An original play written by Luke Kwek and directed by Gavin Low.

Starring Al-Matin Yatim, Chery Yang, Sindhura Kalidas, Sophie Khoo and Wilson Xin.

Duration: 90 minutes (no intermission)
Dates and Times of Performance: 25th – 28th Oct, 8pm; and 26th – 28th Oct, 3pm
Ticket Purchase:
Facebook Page:

For more information, please contact Sophie Khoo at 9833 4721 or email

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