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BOOM by Sight Lines

July 6, 2012

Event: “BOOM” by Sight Lines Productions
Venue: DBS Arts Centre
Run: 29th June – 8th July 2012
Written by: Jean Tay
Directed by: Derrick Chew
Cast:  Andrew Lua, Fanny Kee, Erwin Shah Ismail, Vincent Tee, Amanda Tee, Benjamin Kheng, Engie Ho

A massive tombstone, fused with an image of cold metallic (industrial) development.

This was what greeted us when we stepped into the theatre. An impressive set designed by Wong Chee Wai, I think it was pretty ingenuous and apt the way these two representations were used as the backdrop for the stage. And not just that. At first glance, it was just a grey wall, but with the translucent effect when the lights came on behind the screen-like centerpiece, you find a stage behind a stage. Plus the ever-changing carousel-style set/props changes that were rolled out between scenes garnered a few  “wow”s from the audience. This whole set up, as explained by Derrick, offered a minimalistic yet flexible bare stage where we could watch it morph, almost organically, like a reflection of how Singapore is ever changing with constant developments. Quite different from the 2008 staging which took a more naturalistic approach. Good job there.

And with this, we are led into a play of transit between the old and new. Of holding on and letting go. Of responsibilities and filial piety. And how we are often drowned out by the pace of life and how society moves on, the development that goes around us. Eventually, the minority or forgotten voices go unheard, and get silenced forever, like that of the cremated corpse. The character, Jeremiah, represented the voice for the voiceless, though it would seem somewhat fruitless with his monologues. How do you balance between what you’re tasked to do (reality) and what you should do (ideals)?

I believe I appreciated the script better this round because of the way it was presented and with the aid of the cast, with Fanny reprising her role as the mother. The chemistry among them brought us in a natural course of laughter and tears, as we related to the relationships, struggles and realities of life and progress. I felt I enjoyed this run more than before. As the ashes fell at the end, I wondered, was it meant to be hopeful? Though I felt it was tragic that husband and wife never reunited in life, but only in dreams. Like snow, the past and dreams fade away, melting away as it lands.

Just 5 showings left this weekend (Fri 8pm; Sat & Sun 3pm and 8pm), though Friday’s already sold out. So grab your tickets now for the 7 and 8 July shows from if you haven’t already watched it.

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