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A Tribute to Emma Yong

May 3, 2012

One of the greatest voices I’ve ever had the privilege of experiencing at the theatre.

A third of the popular Dim Sum Dollies trio, I have been in absolute awe of Emma Yong’s amazing talents ever since the early days of the Dollies.

I’ve had the good fortune of attending many of her performances over the years, e.g. the Dim Sum Dollies productions, “Cinderel-LAH!” (both in ’03 & ’10), her solo recital at the Esplanade Recital Studio (“From Bjork to Broadway” in ’05), “Boeing Boeing” (’05 & ’10), “Little Shop of Horrors” (’06), the “Crazy Christmas” productions, “Sing Dollar” (’09), “Beauty and the Beast” (’09), “Blackbird” (’10) and so on.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that I have never failed to get a thrill out of seeing Emma Yong on stage each and every time.

She seemed to effortlessly endear herself in a way which no other actress could.

There was always that something special about her, that X factor which only comes once every generation.

In my mind there was no other actress in Singapore theatre who possessed the combination of beauty, talent and all-round glowing qualities that Emma possessed.

And her voice – is there a more beautiful singing voice in all of local theatre?

It’s been more than seven years, but I’ll never forget the moment she presented the song “When All The Tears Have Dried” at her solo recital concert in 2005 (clip above).

She shared that she would bring this song in with her to auditions when she was in the UK, and people would always ask her where this song came from.

Then she went on to deliver the number in a way which, up till today, I have not heard anyone even come close to matching.

One of the most unforgettable performances I had ever had the privilege of witnessing in a theatre.

That would be the one defining moment that will always remain with me.

RIP Emma Yong.

You will forever be missed.

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