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“Trainstopping” – The MTV!

April 19, 2012

Event: “Trainstopping – The Year in Revue 2011″ by Sight Lines Productions
Venue: Chamber @ The Arts House
Run: 26th Apr – 3rd May 2012

Not sure if you guys have seen this teaser MTV for next week’s “Trainstopping” musical comedy revue.

Almost 10,000 hits in less than three days…something must be up.

Well, producer-director Derrick Chew and the entire team (including myself) have been working tirelessly the past few weeks in preparation for next Thursday’s opening.

It’s never easy trying to put a theatre production together, no matter how big or how small the show, so we’d be most grateful for your support.

Starrring Darius Tan, Celine Rosa Tan and Siti Khalijah.

Directed by Derrick Chew, and written by Jeremy Yew.

Tickets can be purchased from Bytes (here).

Get your tickets soon!

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