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Coming Soon: Trainstopping!

March 3, 2012

Event: “Trainstopping – The Year in Revue 2011” by Sight Lines Productions
Venue: Chamber @ The Arts House
Run: 26th Apr – 3rd May 2012

Trainstopping” is a comedy musical revue put together as a tongue-in-cheek response to the amusing events in Singapore the past year, with special attention given to…yup, you guessed it – trains!

It stars the very talented Siti Khalijah (“Hossan Leong Show”, “Gemuk Girls”, “Model Citizen”), Darius Tan (“Fried Rice Paradise”, “Aladdin”), and Celine Rosa Tan (“Forbidden City”, “The Full Monty”).

The show is directed by Derrick Chew, and is written by yours truly (Jeremy Yew).

We are all very excited about this production and we look forward to having you join us to share in the fun and laughter.

Blurb:Trainstopping is the year’s zaniest, wackiest and Wicked-iest look-back at the craziest happenings in Singapore. With hilarious songs & skits skewering everything from SMRT train delays to the all-too-predictable Orchard Road floods (uh, ponds); a fresh take on recent hit musicals “Spring Awakening” and “Wicked”; a homage to our nation’s fascination with curry (and curry sauce!); a nod to the irresistible A&F male greeters and a round-up of the most ridiculous quotes ever made in the press. And for all ye When Tan Meets Tan fans – a special erections elections segment that will surely make you go high and hard (your laughter, that is).

It’s the hilarious revue show where craziness reigns and all sense of sanity simply goes out the glass window (not before shattering it to pieces, of course). So buckle up and get ready to be taken for a ride, because Trainstopping will make you laugh your guts out so much, you’ll need cable ties to hold them back together! Oh, and remember: You can still – LOVE YOUR RIDE!”

Tickets can be purchased from Bytes (here).

Trainstopping” has also recently been featured on The Online Citizen (here) and (here).

For more information on the show, please visit or its Facebook page (here).


Simply LIKE their Facebook page (here) and stand a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Gala performance of “Trainstopping” worth $100!

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