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Full Nominees for the 12th Life! Theatre Awards

February 9, 2012

[NB: Full list of winners here.]

It just keeps getting better for Pangdemonium Productions, doesn’t it?

Fresh off opening their latest musical production “Spring Awakening” last weekend to marvellous reviews, they’re headlining the 12th Life! Theatre Awards with 6 nominations, the most of any theatre company this year for a single production.

The production in question would be “Dealer’s Choice”, the testosterone-filled British play which ran at the Drama Centre in September and October last year.

Theatreworks’s “Fear of Writing”, the play which to me was the most significant local theatrical event of last year, comes in a close second with 5 nominations, while The Finger Players’s “Turn by Turn We Turn”, a personal little favourite of mine, chalked up 4 nominations.

(Just as an aside, I love how Ling Poh Foong, who played the utterly convincing MDA officer in “Fear of Writing”, has earned herself a nomination for Best Supporting Actress. If we didn’t know who she was then, we certainly do now!)

Without further ado, here is the complete list of nominees for the 12th Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards, to be held on 19th March 2012:

Production of the Year
Cooling Off Day (Wild Rice)
Dealer’s Choice (Pangdemonium!)
Decimal Points: 4.44 (Cake Theatrical Productions)
Fear of Writing (TheatreWorks)
The Good, The Bad and The Sholay (Checkpoint Theatre and NUS Stage)
Turn by Turn We Turn (The Finger Players)

Best Director
Brian Gothong Tan (Decimal Points: 4.44)
Chong Tze Chien (Turn by Turn We Turn)
Huzir Sulaiman (The Good, The Bad and The Sholay)
Tracie Pang (Dealer’s Choice)
Ivan Heng and Jo Kukathas (Cooling Off Day)

Best Original Script
“Cooling Off Day” by Alfian Sa’at
“Fear of Writing” by Tan Tarn How
“The Weight of Silk on Skin” by Huzir Sulaiman
“Turn by Turn We Turn” by Chong Tze Chien
“The Good, The Bad and The Sholay” by Shiv Tandan

Best Actor
Adrian Pang (Dealer’s Choice)
Ivan Heng (The Weight of Silk on Skin)
Jonathan Lim (On This Emerald Hill)
Ramesh Meyyappan (Snails & Ketchup)
Subin Subaiah (Prisoner of Mumbai Mansion)

Best Actress
Siti Khalijah (Desire at the Melancholic String Concert)
Daisy Irani (Prisoner of Mumbai Mansion)
Karen Tan (To Whom It May Concern)
Tan Kheng Hua (Fear of Writing)
Oniatta Effendi (The Gunpowder Trail)

Best Supporting Actor
Daniel Jenkins (Dealer’s Choice)
Daniel York (Dealer’s Choice)
Lim Yu Beng (Beauty Kings)

Best Supporting Actress
Audrey Luo (881)
Karen Tan (Beauty Kings)
Ling Poh Foong (Fear of Writing)

Best Set Design
Eucien Chia (Dealer’s Choice)
Goh Boon Teck (Deciphering the Peach Garden Oath)
Hella Chan (HERstory)
Kuo Jian Hong (I Love A-Ai)
Vertical Submarine (Dust: A Recollection)

Best Ensemble
A Note Went Off in My Head (A Group of People)
Cooling Off Day (Wild Rice)
I Love A-Ai (The Theatre Practice)
Decimal Points: 4.44 (Cake Theatrical Productions)
Turn by Turn We Turn (The Finger Players)

Best Sound Design
Leslie Low, Vivian Wang and Jeffrey Yue (HERstory)
Philip Tan and Tiramisu (Desire at the Melancholic String Concert)
Toh Tze Chin (Snails & Ketchup)
Darren Ng (Deciphering the Peach Garden Oath)
Darren Ng (A Note Went Off in My Head)

Best Lighting Design
Andy Lim (Dust: A Recollection)
Gabriel Chan (The Jade Bangle)
Lim Woan Wen (The Weight of Silk on Skin)
Lim Woan Wen (Turn by Turn We Turn)

Best Multimedia Design
Brian Gothong Tan (Decimal Points: 4.44)
Brian Gothong Tan (Deciphering the Peach Garden Oath)
Boo Junfeng (Fear of Writing)

Best Costume Design
Chia Wei Choong (Deciphering the Peach Garden Oath)
Lebon Ang (Beauty Kings)
Moe Kassim (Aladdin)
Tube Gallery (881)

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  1. Bobby permalink
    March 25, 2013 9:04 pm

    Do you know what happened to the 2013 Life Awards??? It’s already end of March and no sign of it?!?

    • Jeremy permalink*
      March 25, 2013 9:31 pm

      Good question. A number of us have been wondering the same thing too. So far I’ve heard absolutely nothing about it yet.

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