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Coming Soon: “Dealer’s Choice” by Pangdemonium! – An Interview With Adrian Pang

September 10, 2011

Event: “Dealer’s Choice” by Pangdemonium!
Venue: Drama Centre Theatre
Run: 29th Sept – 16th Oct 2011

This is Pangdemonium’s third production, after their successful stagings of both “The Full Monty” and “Closer”.

Directed by Tracie Pang, “Dealer’s Choice” promises to be an entertaining comedy, and stars Adrian Pang, Keagan Kang, Daniel Jenkins, Andy Tear, Daniel York and Julian Low.

The script is written by Patrick Marber, and premiered at Londonʼs National Theatre in 1995 and won the Writerʼs Guild Award for Best West End Play and the Evening Standard Award
for Best Comedy.

The play runs for approximately 2 hours (including a 15-minute interval).

For students, you may be pleased to know that there is a Performance Motors “Share the Arts” 2-for-1 student ticket deal. (Please visit this link for more information.)

Lastly, we are very honoured to have been able to do a short interview with Artistic Director Adrian Pang (who also stars in this comedy) to hear about his views on “Dealer’s Choice”:

Q: What made you choose to stage this play? Was there something in particular that resonated with you?

Adrian: We wanted to do a comedy, and at the same time we wanted to make sure that we didn’t do something that’s simply fluffy. Nothing wrong with fluff, but we were looking for a comedy with balls as well – that’s what we like: fluffy balls! Hahaha…The central premise of DEALER’S CHOICE is simple: six guys get together to “talk cock” and then play poker. The “cock” that these guys talk is absolutely hilarious, and with the advent of casinos in Singapore, and more and more people playing poker, the gambling element is also topical and relevant. The poker game in the show is fun, funny and suspenseful – and the best thing is you don’t even have to understand poker to enjoy DEALER’S CHOICE!

Q: Anything interesting that audiences can look forward to in this play?

Adrian: The characters in DEALER’S CHOICE are all wacky and intriguing, the dialogue wonderfully witty and edgy, and it’s such a entertaining exposition of male bonding rituals and the warped mentality of men. It’s a very male, testosterone-driven play, that hilariously reveals how all these men are in actual fact little boys who need a woman in their lives! We saw the original production of DEALER’S CHOICE in London in 1995, and were struck at how funny and entertaining it was, so we are very thrilled to be bringing to our audiences the Singapore premiere of DEALER’S CHOICE:)

Q: How long was the rehearsal process? Were there any difficulties/challenges you faced while rehearsing for this production?

Adrian: Honestly, the most challenging thing during the four week rehearsal process was trying to stay serious. The dialogue really is so funny that it was extremely hard to keep a straight face during rehearsals. Often we would all just crumple in a heap laughing our heads off. It’s going to be just as challenging during performance!

Tickers for “Dealer’s Choice” can be purchased at SISTIC (here).

Go get them whilst stocks last!

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