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A Little Night Music by Stephen Sondheim

November 13, 2010

No, it was not Mozart, but honestly, I went to this musical not really knowing the story. But it’s music by Stephen Sondheim, so one should go, even though the company refused to reveal who were in the cast till really late. The story can be found here.

What did I make of the musical? Let’s start with the good points first. The dialogue was humorous drawing laughs from the audience with its wittiness. Some song highlights included the well-known Send in the Clowns and It Would Have Been Wonderful (I liked the lyrics). A Weekend in the Country was pretty catchy too. The lyrics of the songs were good, quite a few pretty humorous, witty & wry. But I must say the music was rather “complex” (as my friend puts it), with many layers, and can be difficult to sing.

However, the story to me was rather frivolous and as another friend puts it, like a soap opera. The 1st act was a little too “draggy” to lead to the point of conflict. I was a little amused by the ending when Desiree and Frederik finally came together and embraced each other. Somehow, the way that scene was played out seemed a tad “cheesy”. And the way her mother died was pretty abrupt.

My friend was asking me during the show what the role of Desiree’s mother was. I couldn’t think of it then, except that Desiree probably took after the mother and she provided the venue for the weekend fiasco which was the climax of the show. But now, as it suddenly came to mind, I began to wonder if it was similar to the role of Puck in “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” by Shakespeare. And come to think of it, there can be similarities drawn from both stories.

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