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NORA and MusicSG

November 12, 2010

Besides providing our first-hand perspectives on productions staged locally, I think it’s time we shared some useful Singapore arts resources.

One useful resource would be the National Online Repository of the Arts (or NORA for short) started by the National Library Board of Singapore (NLB). What started as a literary arts online database of works by Singapore writers has now expanded to include works from the performing and visual arts by Singapore artists. You can find excerpts and sometimes, full works of scripts, poetry, dance, music, etc. It’s not comprehensive, but I believe the collection is still growing.

And more recently, NLB also launched MusicSG, which is an online collection of music composed or published by Singaporeans or music composed for Singapore. It includes audio files (some are previews only though) for albums/tracks, scores and also articles on the musicians. There are some soundtracks of Singapore musicals available there.


It’s good to see an effort in archiving these materials.

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