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Coming Soon: The Hossan Leong Show!

September 22, 2010

The second installment of the “Hossan Leong Show” opens at the Drama Centre tomorrow.

The first episode was staged in early October last year, and Ilkosa has penned her thoughts on it (here), and I had also done likewise (here).

I think the main knock against the show last year was the fact that it was so shamelessly commercial, and while the show was generally quite entertaining, I know of a number of friends who found the whole “commercialisation” bit a little too much to stomach.

(If my memory serves me correctly, this production got massacred in a review by Life! last year.)

Anyway, Ilkosa has already gotten her ticket for this show quite awhile back, and while I had initially not intended to catch this year’s edition, I kinda succumbed and eventually bought my own ticket just a few days ago.

Hopefully it turns out to be a cracker of a show.

We could always use a few more good laughs.

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