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The Full Monty

July 5, 2010

Event: The Full Monty
Venue: Drama Centre Theatre
Run: 18th Jun – 4th July 2010

I’ll just do a quick one on this:

I caught “The Full Monty” two weeks ago at the Drama Centre.

As you know, this is the very first production for Pangdemonium Productions, and they have been working extremely hard for their inaugural show the last few months.

In some respects, this is make-or-break for them cos there is usually a lot riding on a first production.

Well, based on the updates on their Facebook group (here), I’m really glad that it seems like “The Full Monty” was a resounding success.

I’m really happy for them and I wish them all the best in their journey as a brand new theatre company in Singapore.

We all know that it is certainly not easy to survive as a theatre company in Singapore, so I’m really glad for whatever breaks they can get along the way.

And I think that things are look pretty rosy for them as it stands.

The musical was one of those “can’t go wrong” musicals, as far as I’m concerned.

It’s a feel-good musical which just makes you step out of the theatre smiling, and it’s just one of those productions that you don’t really want to say negative things about.

There were plenty of raunchy scenes (as would be expected from a musical such as this), and to be honest, some of the scenes were too risque for my liking.

In fact, this is probably the most raunchy and visually-explicit musical I’ve ever watched.

But everyone in the audience seemed to lap it up.

The setting was changed from a British one (based on the movie) to an American one for the musical.

I’m not sure if the American accents, lingo and references really struck a chord with our local audience though.

Many references to things such as the “Bills” (the musical was based in Buffalo) probably went by unnoticed.

The American accents adorned by the cast tended to be uneven throughout the musical, which made things a little bit distracting.

The music, though not memorable, was alright and there were a few songs which caught my attention.

I thought the strong point of the musical was the book, and the lines were extremely witty and hilarious.

Very American humour, I thought.

Excellent stuff.

All in all, kudos to Pangdemonium for their successful first production.

I’m sure they are overwhelmed by the success of “The Full Monty” and I look forward to more productions from them in the future.

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