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A Singaporean in Paris

April 27, 2010

A musical revue of sorts, A Singaporean in Paris tells of a Singaporean who ventures to Paris to fulfill his dream to perform in a cabaret. So as he narrates about life there, songs, both English & French are sung. (Hmm…sounds a bit Broadway Beng?) The only French song (which I knew was a French song) was the “lazy smoking song”, i.e. Sympathique by Pink Martini.

I guess the story was nicely stringed together (not that I understood most of the French songs). With spots of humour here and there (mainly from Hossan), it was a like a narrative sort of performance. I usually like Hossan Leong’s shows, although the Hossan Leong Show was slightly disappointing. Most of the cast were not too bad, except for George Chan who needs more “power” in his singing, as agreed with my friend. I felt the same when he did If There’re Seasons last time.

Anyway, what came across my mind was that there really is a song for anything. Imagine songs about smoking and doing nothing, the beach, etc. Of course, the concepts/style of the songs seem very French. But I must admit, it felt a bit out of Singapore at points, even though the cast were mainly Singaporeans. I was actually pretty amused by something written in the programme about a Singaporean’s experience in Paris –

Ladies, if you smile on the street, be ready to be spotted by a romantic French gentleman and invited to share dinner right away…”

Gee, that never happened to me & my friend while we were in Paris leh…or maybe we didn’t really smile? 😉

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