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The Composer

December 18, 2009

Caught this theatre production yesterday at Esplanade Theatre Studio.
It featured Leslie Tan of the T’ang Quartet, in his acting debut.
Basically, he reveals his past sordid affairs to his dead wife (yes, ‘dead’) as he awaits his execution.

As his first foray into theatre, I would say it was a commendable performance. The show was pretty dark throughout, with some interjections of humour. I did expect that he didn’t actually kill his wife though, but he was responsible. Some parts were a bit R(A) (last part where he has an affair with his student), but the show was actually rated R(A) anyway, which I only realised after I bought the tickets. But due to the nature of the story, it was good they kept it to 75min (no intermission).

I would say that as a play, the way it was written, played and choreographed was not bad, even though the setup was pretty simple. I guess that keeps you focused on the content.

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