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Broadway Beng: Jiak Liu Lian

December 7, 2009

Sebastian Tan rocks!
He has always been one of my favourite local artistes in musical theatre as he is very versatile, being conversant in both English & Mandarin, not to mention he’s 1 of the better singers too. You can find him in TV shows too, past & present, in both English & Chinese drama. Great room for lobangs!

Caught the show tonight and I found it more entertaining than the previous one (Broadway Beng 3). It was longer too, warranting an intermission. The sets & costumes were more elaborate and he had more chio buus this time round, from 3 the last time to now 8! Although you won’t call it a “musical” in 1 sense as there was not really a storyline per se, but it was funny and he sang a lot of songs. I couldn’t get some of the Hokkien jokes as I’m not very familiar with the dialect, but it was still fun. You can find snippets of some of the well-known musicals like Chicago and Les Misérables but not forgetting the many Hokkien songs. There was even a karaoke video of 爱拼才会赢 which he did with his chio buus with the backdrop of…guess where?

On the whole, it was a pretty enjoyable show and  I will rate it an 8.5/10.

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