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The Hossan Leong Show

October 9, 2009

Event: The Hossan Leong Show
Venue: Drama Centre Theatre
Run: 1st Oct – 11th Oct 2009

I caught “The Hossan Leong Show” at the Drama Centre Theatre recently.

It was definitely enjoyable, what with the support of talented actors such as Chua Enlai, Karen Tan and Celine Rosa Tan.

The script was clever, and I liked how they came up with new ideas such as a “backstage cam” and all that.

I thought that was quite creative.

Some of the topics might have been a bit old hat though, considering we’ve probably heard everything there is to hear about the Mas Selamat story by now.

And I’d have to agree with the Life! review that one can’t help but feel that the whole show is just one major product placement exercise.

I’d never watched a live show that so blatantly promoted all its sponsors before.

Everything just felt so shamelessly commercial.

Lastly, I thought the “Mariah Carey – Whitney Houston” scene was the best one.

It takes real talent (and a real good script) to pull off something like that.

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