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$ING Dollar musical

July 25, 2009

Caught the show tonight.
I felt that the show wasn’t as funny as previous productions (maybe less political jokes), but there were still some laughs here & there.
I think the part that was most entertaining was when they did an imitation of MJ in Act 2. Well, I’m not sure if MJ fans will like it, but it was pretty well executed and funny, although a tad insensitive. Another more funny segment was the Geylang negotiations part, Lorong to Lorong. The songs weren’t that memorable, but a more musical-like (and “moving”) song was Home near the end.

Well, the story revolves around a coffeeshop & a hotel where a man is found dead, along with S$500,000. Shan’t reveal too much in case it spoils the fun.

Generally, I felt that Sebastian Tan was still the better singer among them especially when he did the Queen E segment.

Talking about comedies, I saw a trailer in the cinema today of the new hor-medy which Jack Neo is releasing in Aug. Well, it looks like a sequel from the last Money No Enough but with ghosts (guess who).
Also there is The Hossan Leong Show! and Broadway Beng – Jiak Liu Lian productions coming up in Oct & Dec respectively which I want to watch! If you buy tickets to both the shows, you can get 25% off.

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