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W!ld Rice’s Snow White

December 4, 2008

I love Singapore’s parodical musicals! Especially W!ld Rice’s.

I watched their Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs last night and it was hilarious. I must say that it was one of their most daring portrayal with their blatant references to the political scene throughout the show. E.g. the voting results, the unending reign of a certain important person, the environment, etc. Other funny things included the milk scandal & corny actions (with sound effects) and lots of “drag”. There were some references to certain Disney movies, like the Enchanted where Snow White came out to start singing and the animals started appearing. Then there were the dancing animals. They even had some Wall-E aspect in it like having all the rubbish cubed.

The songs & singing were quite good, especially Sebastian Tan (the Queen) & Elena Wang (Snow White) and there were interactive parts like the characters asking the audience questions.

Truly enjoyed the show despite my flu. Even bought the soundtrack. It runs till 20 Dec, so better grab your tickets now if you have not!

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