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Forbidden City

September 12, 2006

Went to watch Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress last night. It was very good! The music (although some parts sounded familiar…similar tunes in other SRT productions, I guess), the storyline, the cast were good. I found myself relating to the show, evoking many emotions as the story developed. The atrocities of the ang mohs (ok, I don’t have anything against them…more because of the history), the internal conflicts of power, the possible misunderstandings. Not that I’m very well versed in China’s history, but from the show, if Prince Tun & Cixi had worked together from the beginning, they would have been a powerful force as their characters are similar; one driven by love for the empire/country, the other driven by love for her family; the never giving up, etc.

The show also saw how people only wanted to see & hear what they wanted to see & hear, and the possible effects of unethical journalism.

Definitely worth a watch.

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