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Second Link: The Singapore-Malaysia Text Exchange

September 3, 2005

A Wild Rice production, this was really good! Had fun all the way. Basically, it’s like a medley of poems, plays & fiction performed by the group…the transition between each work was done very well & flowed nicely. It’s very locally flavoured…very funny. Well, some parts you’ve got to know about the Singaporean euphemism before you might understand the humour.

The 1st half was the display of some Singapore works, while the 2nd half was that of Malaysian works. The way the 2nd part was performed was rather unique (at least I’ve never watched 1 like that before); it was tikam tikam style. Before the interval, the players actually went down to the audience to ask them to randomly pick out the sequence of the plays (like a ‘draw lots’ thingy) to be performed. The players were given 1 hour to play out as many plays as possible in the picked sequence (32 in all). So each performance will be different. The actors were great! Made the 2-3 hours fly past.

I now have a new, improved view of local theatre and we have good players! We inject a lot of local flavour in our productions which is great & fun! Although, I sometimes wonder why it’s usually only the comedies.

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