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Coming Soon: Utter 《优剧》

June 22, 2012

Event: Utter: A Double Bill  《优剧》: 双剧目
Venue: Play Den, The Arts House
Run: 5 – 7 July 2012
Director/导演: Nelson Chia (谢燊杰)
: Lez Ann Chong (张丽恩), Koh Wan Ching (许婉婧), Johnny Ng (黄家强), Rei Poh (傅正龙), Yang Kai Jie (杨凯杰)

As a lead-up tothe Singapore Writers Festival (SWF) in November, The Arts House presents a new season of Utter 《优剧》, a pre-festival double bill featuring two short plays in Chinese and English, which are adapted from the texts of local literati, Yeng Pway Ngon and O Thiam Chin.

Set in a café that is a metaphor of a writer’s mind, the two plays Shadows in the Forest (adapted by Lee Chee Keng from Yeng’s latest novel “The Studio 画室“) and The Yellow Elephant and The Girl Who Swallowed The Sun (adapted by Jean Tay from O Thiam Chin’s short stories in “The Rest Of Your Life And Everything That Comes With It“) supposition the encounter between the characters and their creator. An intimate dialogue about love, fear, betrayed ideals and fantastical animals ensues.

More details of the production can be found here.

Tickets are at $15 (excluding $2 ticketing fee) and can be purchased from

About the authors

A recipient of the 2003 Cultural Medallion for Literature, Yeng writes in the fields of poetry, fiction, drama, social commentary and literary critique. “The Studio 画室 》” was published in 2011 and picked by Yazhou Zhoukan as one of top 10 Best Chinese Novels Worldwide.  O was an honorary fellow of the Iowa International Writing Program in 2010 and is the author of four story collections: “Free-Falling Man”, “Under The Sun”, “Never Been Better” and “The Rest Of Your Life And Everything That Comes With It”, with the latter two having been longlisted for the Frank O’ Connor Short Story Award.

About Utter

Utter debuted as a pre-festival event of SWF 2011, showcasing the best of Singapore writing and celebrating the written word’s potential to be adapted  for different media like theatre, film and even games. Loosely interpreted, the word “utter” could be used as a verb and an adjective – to utter a word, or utter madness. This year’s instalment aims to bridge the generational and language divide by the pairing of these two works.


为配合将在十一月举办的新加坡作家节,旧国会艺术之家即将呈献以本地作家英培安和胡添进著作为题材的一华一英的双剧目 – 《优剧》,作为新加坡作家节的前奏。
这新一季的 《优剧》由李集庆的 《影子森林》(改编自英培安的 《画室》) 和郑茵的 《黄色的大象及吞下太阳的女孩》(改编自胡添进的短篇小说《你的余生,及随之的一切》) 塑造出书中的虚构人物与作者相遇的幻境,并展开了一段关于爱、恐惧、背叛、理想、和奇幻动物的亲密对话。


此剧票价列为 $15 , 可在 订购。


著写诗、小说和评论的英培安在2003年荣获总统所颁发的文化奖。他最新的小说,2011 年出版的 《画室》,被亚洲周刊列为全球最佳华文小说十大之一。
胡添进为2010年 “Iowa International Writing Program” 的荣誉院士, 并是四本短篇小说集 (“Free-Falling Man”, “Under The Sun”, “Never Been Better” “The Rest Of Your Life And Everything That Comes With It”) 的作者。


《优剧》是新加坡作家节自2011年开办的节目。节目旨在以不同的艺术形式呈献杰出 (“优”) 的新加坡著作,如电影、戏剧等。

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