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《华丽上班族之生活与生存》(Design for Living)

January 31, 2009


在 金融海啸中频频传出要裁员的消息,而公司的CEO张威(张艾嘉饰)也有所威胁。为了证明公司没人能取代她,她在下属当中部下陷阱,以语言游戏及挑逗来操作 每个人,摆布他们勾心斗角、互相提防,搞得大家人心惶惶、士气大跌。但事情却演变成不在她所安排当中,造成最终以悲剧收场。

总的来说,这 是一部不错的话剧。剧中带有一点趣味,但也有其中的哲理。最能勾起我思绪的就是李想(郑元畅饰)这角色。他根本在整个剧中是不属于这华丽上班族的一份子。 很明显的,从他的名字你就能知道他就是“理想”的化身。他的单纯(而是新鲜人的角色)代表了每个刚出道而抱有梦想的新鲜人。但人往往为了在奸诈的社会中生 存,自己的理想与个性都因周遭的事物给迷惑了。而单纯的心也被玷污了。就像剧中的所有角色一样,尤其是大伟(王耀庆饰)。结果,就像剧中的李想一样,理想 跟梦想就在无意中死了。


(For the benefit of those who don’t understand Chinese)

(This was one of the anchor shows for the Huayi Festival organised by Esplanade)
What made me reflect in the play was the character Li Xiang, who was totally out-of-place in the entire working environment. By his name, it was so obvious that he was the personification of aspirations. His naivety/innocence and status as a fresh grad newbie represents the initially inspired newbies that start work. However, due to societal influences, our aspirations get corrupted/forgotten, just like what happened to all the other characters in the show. Eventually, just like Li Xiang, our dreams & aspirations die accidentally.


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